Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bug quilt

When I post about Gracie loving this quilt it got me thinking did I post this. Well I didn't. I had so much trouble quilting this, when I got all done I must have threw it up on the couch and forgot all about showing it off. This was my first quilt I machine quilted myself. You can't tell but on the corner its not quilted. That is because my machine's tension was all off and I unpicked a whole spool of expensive thread. When I finally got my machine back after 2 months in the shop. Which was ridculous amount of time. Someone (maybe the repair man) took my walking foot and quilting foot and some other things that add up to $100. So needless to say I'm not going to finish this quilt just to remind me how much trouble this was.


Isn't this so cute. I made this flower for Gracie's sunday dress. It was so easy I think I have to make more. I think I need to make them in every color. I forgot to take her picture with her dress on but the pj's are just as cute.
Oh my, look what my Mom has made Gracie. The hat is so dang cute. I keep telling her she should make lots and sale them. This cute quilt has been so nice, it fits on Gracie car and keeps her nice and warm. I love the colors she used. I have never seen the cut outs done like this, I really like it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun Quilt

This quilt is Gracie's favorite to look at with all the fun colors and patterns.