Sunday, September 2, 2012

August garden

 Corn didn't do that well this year I needed to put so stuff in the dirt. I need to remember to do that next year. My favorite thing about my garden is eating the grape tomatoes right out of the garden. I love my flowers here and there in the  garden boxes. I have three green pumpkins with lots of hope they will be orange by Halloween. again the watermelon was a flop next year I won't wast my time. Beans and leafy things were awesome.  My tomatoes are weird this year the ones I got from IFA the plants didn't get big but they are bearing great tomatoes. I guess that's all that matters.
 I love my front flower beds. Another month of yellow and purple just different flowers.

Baby Hank?

We are having our 4th baby this month. Paul and I are still trying to wrap our heads around having number 4. We still don't have a name for sure. When I was four or five  months along I wanted to go threw names and Paul didn't.  I started to tease him and told him I was going to call him baby Hank until we came up with a name. Now I like the name. Gracie say baby Hank so dang cute too. We also have on the list Owen after my grandpa. I had to OK it with my sister that calmed the name long ago. Boyd is another name but he has to look like Dean if we use that name. Boyd means the golden hair boy. Paul likes Harvey. Wyatt is dead set on calling him Toby. I guess we just need him to come out and look at him. I was talking with my mom that we should name him Hank Owen Gillespie that would spell out H.O.G. Would that be mean? or name him after my Grandmas side Hank Williams Gillespie but that won't work way to much like the singer. Names are so hard you want to kid to like it when he is older but you need it to be a little different than every ones in town. Whatever we name him, at least he will have the cutest baby quilt. I got the fabric from a friend that had started cutting out squares for a baby quilt but didn't finish. She had enough fabric for a twin so I have some left over. This quilt is 37 by 37 1/2 inches. I try to keep Baby quilt's a yard now any bigger is to much for a baby/toddler to use. If you do it like most patterns the 48 or bigger than you don't use it, it just becomes a wall hanger or throw on the rocking chair. Wyatt and Deans quilts have lots holes in them and that's just fine with me. A good quilt is a used quilt. not one stuck in a cedar chest.