Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My first quilt

I was helping my friend Aubrey make her first quilt last month. Aubrey is making a yellow brick road. She is using the cutest fabric. I hope she will finish it, it will be so cute when it is done. I remember my first quilt being really plain, but I finished it.
I machine quilted it with gold metallic thread it was so hard. My tension was so off, the thread kept breaking on me. I had no clue what I was doing. I wanted to quilt stars along the sides but that never happen. I should give a big thanks out to my Mother-in-law, Dayna that helped me.
I think it's great for my first quilt. After making 40+ quilts I am still learning how to do so many things. I think the trick is you have to finish it. So you can move on to another, then another, then one day you find that you love it.

scrappy quilt

I am working on the back of this quilt. I want to use up all my scraps. My goal is to piece the back and bind it with what I have and only buy bat. As you can see I have two of my squares done. I have wanted to do pinwheels for a long time. Just ask Melissa every time I see one done, I have to say "Oh I want to do that next". Now I'm finally doing one. But now as I make these cute pinwheels. I wonder if I should put them on point or should I throw in a log cabin. I guess you'll just have to see. I love these fabrics they make me so happy. This is all I want to do, but I have made myself make dinner, do laundry, and play with my boys. So it will take me longer to finish it but that's OK, who said good things come to those that wait. This quilt is going to be awesome when its done.

Jill's babe

I made this for my friend Jill that just had her little girl yesterday. I think it turned out very cute.