Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dress and hat

Gracie hated her babie's outfit as much as I did. I made her a cute little dress. I think I will make more. It was quick and easy to do. She loves it. Look how happy she is in the last picture.

This is my first and last loom hat that I made. I made it for the homeless shelter with other ladies in my ward. I was happy I did it but I think I will buy hats from now on.

Be mine valentine!

Part time job and full time love.

Paul got me a part time job sewing these little pouches for a Buddie. I am showing them off here because I learned how to put in a zipper. The day I was making these bags Gracie kept coming up to me with her dolly and some scraps of minkie. She wanted me to wrap up her baby with a tinny scrap. So I made her not one but four dolly blankets. I thought someday Gracie will have some friends over and they will all want a blanket to play with.

What a cutie with all her babies.