Friday, April 23, 2010


This sweet thing is for my friend Lori and her little babe. This quilt is so spring... If you look at Gracie's quilt its the same fabric different color way. I didn't have a pattern it. I just have seen this quilt around so i just started sewing squares together. I think when I do this one again I will do the light green pieces a little smaller and maybe a red. I quilt it on my brother and shocker I didn't have any puckering. I only had unpicked two inches because the corner wasn't pined very well. I love how it turned out. I LOVE that I found the back in the same shade to match the front. Wow I was lucky this purply pink it really cute but rare.
You got to love this face....


  1. I love those colors! You are an amazing quilter.

  2. LOVE IT!!! You are seriously so talented, Amy! I love Gracie's room !

  3. This quilt is great! Good work!