Friday, June 29, 2012

june 2012 veggie garden

This is our garden this year. I always hope I have gotten all that I want planted for the year. With a little luck and some water it will come to bare fruit.
 In the first bed we have lots going on pumpkins, zuccin, watermelon, corn, flowers. Something else I cann't remember so will just have to see what it is in a month from now. I am not a pro gardener I just foud out the corn shouldn't be but these other thing, oh well.
 Some flowers came up in an odd spot.  oh well they will be nice anyway.
 The second bed we have 10 different tomatoes, (grape, roma, 100's, big boys), I planted cucumbers, green and red bell peppers, salsa pepper, cilontro, basil and one funky onion from last year.
 In the last bed we have beans, kale, onions, carrots,  lettuas, spinach, and snowpeas. 

Gracie showing you how tall our peas got this year. The kids have been eating tons of them the love going in the garden and getting handfuls of them.

funky onion


  1. Hi Ammie, I think you've done a great job on your garden. Gracie has found a good spot to hang out and munch. I just realized that the link from my blog to yours wasn't working. Hopefully you will get some visits now that I have fixed it.

  2. The link is working ;) None of my vegies made it this year...I am moving the gardens to the other side of the house in the fall and give it another shot next year. Love your little garden helper!