Saturday, February 7, 2009

first post...

Welcome to my new blog. This blog is just for all of my creations. I enjoy creating whether it be a quilt, bags, headbands, banners, putting flowers in my old (needs new paint) window boxes, a vegetable garden, or just baking something good to eat. I thought it was time to designate a blog just for these new creations. With two kids, a husband and a good dog it might look a little sparse for right now. So I would like to add the steps and what it took to create something nice. I'm thinking I would like to put all of my old creations on this blog. We'll see, stay tuned This is my new but very old table that my friend Melissa got for me. It looks like a Jr. High sewing table and my Brother machine is too fat to fit into the slot but I LOVE it. My machine is now off the kitchen table. YEAH. I thought this picture was fitting for my first post. Both my sewing machine and my blog needs to start some new projects.

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