Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quilting Group

This block is for the old red church they have been meeting for 20 years. The next one is delectable mountains for the place we all live.

This one the log cabin is for the pioneers that settled here first.
This one is sheriff's nine patch. The next one is friendship block.

I have done 5 of blocks for quilting group. We are meeting tonight and I had to get them done so I could show them off. The group is celebrating 20 years of quilting together. I have only gone for nearly a year. 20 years ago I was 10, I'm such a baby in the group. The old timers are bring a block with them each month and we are doing them in our own color skims. As you can see I choose bright with brown. I think they turned out so cute!

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  1. They look awesome Ammie! I love the colors..